Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Potato, that is!

Noah got his first taste of the orange stuff today. He seemed to really like it, and was certainly more excited than he is about cereal.

He kept grabbing for the dish and frantically licking.

How exciting! Something he likes!

In other news, Noah helped Daddy with a programming challenge today.

Of course, by "helped," I mean drooled on the keys for long enough for Chad to take care of something...


  1. I am finding that accomplishing the smallest things now seems so huge, so I can see how Chad had to tolerate the drool to get his work done. (Lucy is drooling on me as I write this.)

  2. It certainly is a change in mindset. Any day that Lucy is happy, fed and well taken care of is a success, regardless of whether the laundry was done or not!