Saturday, September 26, 2009


We had some very exciting visitors today! Mima, Oopma, Christopher and Christian!

Noah loves playing with his cousins.

It is so neat to watch them interact. Noah can do a lot more now than the last time we visited, so the three of them can actually play together.

(With supervision, of course. There is often some grabbing of toys involved.)

Anyway, the cousins. Noah especially thinks Christopher is the COOLEST.




We all went for a walk to check out the playground.

Christopher impressed us all by great progress on the monkey bars

Oompa helped Noah sit on the the dolphin bouncer. Let's just say Noah was skeptical.

But he liked the jungle gym a lot.

You could tell it was a great day because by the end of it the entire family was sitting on the floor of the kitchen. If we're going to have more days like this I think we need a bigger kitchen.

Also, as should not be a surprise at our house, there was a giant zucchini

** Thanks to Oompa for some of the pictures!

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