Sunday, September 27, 2009

Diapers = fail

We are giving up on the cloth diapers.

I know, we are big wimps intent on killing the earth and cloth diapers were fine for generations and we are too soft and sheltered to use them but I am just tired of dealing with poop.




Because now we are buying disposables in bulk like the rest of the babies we know, we get cool things like cardboard boxes.

Hello... what's in here?

What's that? We are going to get packages like this every month?

Seriously? Every month?


Noah is starting to really ham it up for the camera.

He is definitely doing it on purpose.

Why hello camera.

Yay camera!!!

Look camera, I have a box on my head!

Noah has also mastered the art of pulling up. He can get up basically whenever he feels like it.

And he knows it, and is proud of himself.

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