Monday, September 21, 2009

He knows what he likes

I think we have discovered the ideal activity for Noah, where he can combine his love of music with his love of banging things against other things.

He played the xylophone for a good 15 minutes in the kitchen, and then when I tried to move him to the living room we had a total breakdown. Fists clenched, tears, grunting. Luckily he recovered, once he realized he could resume playing.

Other things about which Noah had opinions about today:
1. When it was time to stop walking around. The correct answer is never.
2. Whether baby chicken soup is for eating or for throwing. The correct answer is throwing.
3. Whether it is time to put him down. The correct answer is no.
4. Not really sure, but the plastic pizza slice offended him in some way
5. No I want daddy no I want mommy no wah wah wah no

I don't want to make it sound like Noah is overly cranky, he is not. It's just that he suddenly has his own agenda and opinions about what he wants, and cannot actually communicate that to us until after we screw it up.

After he finished refusing to eat dinner (which still blows my mind, because we offered him grilled cheese. GRILLED CHEESE!! Who refuses that!?) he had a lovely time playing in our unmowed lawn.

There are leaves in the lawn!

And grass!

Unfortunately, after fun in the lawn we went back to misery and woe, aka getting undressed for the bath. Then he loved the bath. Then he communicated to us how much he disliked getting dressed for bed. You get the idea...

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