Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sick again. :(

So. Yeah. A lot going on around here. In case any of you dear readers are not already aware, I've decided to leave my job so I can spend more time at home with Noah. This means we'll move back to Boston once we sell our house.

So on top of everything else, this week we got our house ready to list. It is now officially for sale. Tell your friends! Especially your friends who are in the market for a house in Ambler.

Enough about the house - back to the baby. We had planned a trip to Worcester for my alumni basketball game this past weekend. We drove to Nanuet on Friday night and spent the worst night in a hotel ever, as Noah came down with a raging double ear infection. Needless to say we headed home the next morning.

Poor kid. He was actually really sick.

We had three doctors appointments in four days, and short trip to the ER (because Noah only gets really sick on the weekends). He was the world's best sport.

He's still a bit fussy and tired but was well enough to go to school today. We will see the specialist tomorrow (hello tubes!) to see if we can keep him from getting a severe ear infection in February (this will be the first infection-free month since October if we pull it off).

Luckily, as I mentioned, Noah is a very very good sport. As evidence (also as evidence he is on the mend), I present the following:

Silly Boy.

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