Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still snowy

Are you tired of snow pictures yet? No? Good. Because today I had to dig out the car.

Hello? Car?

So that was an adventure. Luckily we have good friends who helped me by watching Noah so I could shovel.

Speaking of Noah, we took a walk to survey the neighborhood today.

It was snowy.

The Bob proved its worth again, as we went through the slush and over the snow with no problem at all.

Hey - the stroller is almost exactly one snowblower-width!

About two seconds after I took this picture the guy with the snowblower came around the corner, directly at us on the same track. Let's just say we high-tailed it onto the street after that.

Overall, it was a really beautiful, sunny day today. It's amazing how much snow has melted already.

So we go back to work and school tomorrow, two hours late. This I do not understand - see how clear that street is already? Just because all of that water is going to freeze into sheets of black ice... wimps.

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