Saturday, February 6, 2010


So it's pretty snowy here.

How snowy? Take a look at our next door neighbor's porch:

Impressive, no? We decided to give the snow a try with Noah, even though we don't have boots that fit him so maybe (just maybe) his feet would have to be protected by sandwich baggies and hand-me-down sneakers. Don't tell anyone. We weren't out for very long.

Noah was a bit unsure about the snow.

I think I would like to take a step. How exactly should I do that?

A little help here, Daddy?

Ok, the snow is a little funny, I will admit.

Although I am not sure where my legs have gone...

Shortly after this picture Noah tipped right over and did a face-plant in the snow (not pictured). We whisked him back inside, ending our approximately five minutes of wintertime fun.

The storm was impressive though. I was skeptical based on all of the hype, but my compost says I was wrong.

Seriously? All you could do is make jokes about "Snopacolypse?" You couldn't be bothered to protect the compost?

To which I respond, duh. Snopacolypse is funny and the compost is already way more covered than it used to be. Also, I don't talk to the compost.

Anyway, here's what our street looks like today:

I'd say we have 15-18" here. The total at the airport was 26.7." Not bad for the tropics, huh?

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