Saturday, March 6, 2010

He's got rhythm

Happy Saturday! We spent the morning checking out the "family active room" at our local YMCA. Oh my goodness it is awesome. They have a moon bounce and big foam blocks to climb on and a maze and a ball pit all crammed into a room in the basement with a bunch of elliptical and treadmills for the parents. Noah and Chad played while I worked out and Noah was just adorable, bopping in and out of the ball pit, climbing up on the foam tower, bouncing in the bounce house. Of course he was also surrounded by other people's children, which is why there are no pictures for the blog. I considered it, and decided that "excuse me, you don't know me, but could I take your child's picture and post it to the internet?" wasn't a good way to make friends.

Instead, please enjoy this video, where Noah works on his routine for rhythm gymnastics. Think he can pull it together for the 2012 olympics? Also, is there such a thing as men's rhythm gymnastics?

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