Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playground buddies

Noah had his friends Maytal and Ben over to play this weekend. It is really neat how they actually interact.

Noah and Maytal, March 2010

This means the playdates are not just an excuse for the mommies to chat. Ok, we didn't just chat, we also made funny noises at the babies.

Maytal and Noah, March 2009

Sorry, nostalgia blip.

Anyway Noah and his friends went to the playground.

And took about 30000 trips over the climber and down the slide.

And over the climber, to go down the slide.

Noah and Ben, March 2010

Climbing and sliding are about the pinnacle of baby excitement, now that they are able to do these things by themselves. In fact, I am still a little bit amazed that they are able to move by themselves at all.

Ben and Noah, March 2009

Oops, another nostalgia blip. Back to 2010. When our babies are very mobile and opinionated and hilarious. I had hoped we'd be a bit less drooly by now, but I guess you can't have everything.

Even with the drool (also, why is my child the only one who still seems to be drooling so much?), the cuteness has only increased. If you had asked me last year I might not have realized that was possible, but look at these kids.

Wow. We are in trouble. :)

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