Tuesday, January 11, 2011

House update

So as you may recall, we recently bought a house. It is a little amazing that we have been so busy with everything that new home ownership has not been our only focus. But just to bring you up to speed, here's the story.

Our house is a brick ranch, built in 1981.

Also as best we can tell, last updated in 1981.

It's in a great location in a nice town (a suburb of Boston with excellent schools). Chad can take the subway to work and Noah can play in our new big back yard. When it isn't snowing, that is.

The problem was, the entire house was decorated by an elderly italian couple in 1981. There were some issues with the carpet choices. And the window treatments.

(living room)

You know you are in trouble when the 30 year old wallpaper is the least offensive decorating choice.

(baby's room)

(main hall)

So because we enjoy a challenge, the week between our closing and Christmas we had a fleet of workers in to strip & paint the walls, and install hardwood floors. We think it looks awesome.

(main hall)

(living room)

(baby's room)

The baby's room is still a little sparse since we don't actually have much baby stuff. We are counting on the baby to not notice her room isn't properly decorated due the fact that when we first bring her home she will barely be able to see. Also I am still optimistic by the time we bring her home we might actually have a changing table in there.

Noah's room is nicely set up and ready to go.

Also, gigantic. He lives in a toddler palace now!

Overall, we are very happy. We will be even happier once the kitchen sink plumbing issue of mystery is resolved, but you can't get everything you want all at once, right?

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