Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome home, Eva

Eva was doing very well at the hospital

But insurance will only cover so many room service meals for mommy, so we packed the baby into an unreasonable amount of fleece and braced ourself for the coldest day in 6 years.

Seriously. Who brings a newborn out in weather with -23 degree windchill? We do, apparently.

Happily, the discharge/valet process at Bringham and Women's hospital is a well-oiled machine, and we were able to get home without freezing. Noah was happy to see his baby sister again (he did meet her in the hospital for a few minutes).

Though he was much more vocally excited about the Thomas the Tank Engine balloon Eva brought home for him (not pictured).

I don't think the homecoming could have gone any better - Noah is such a sweetheart.

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