Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Entropyliveshere: now with 20% more Eva!

We celebrated Eva's one month birthday yesterday! It is hard for me to believe that she is one month old already, that we've already spent thirty nights getting up every few hours. On the other hand, I am quite sure we have had her forever.

She continues to amaze with her exceptional cuteness and cuddliness, and she is getting stronger every day.

She had her one month doctor's appt today, and was declared perfect in every way. Her stats are:
Weight: 9lbs 9.94oz (63%)
Length: 22 1/4 inches (89%)
Head: 37.2 cm (55%)

We were also instructed to make sure she has 45 minutes of tummy time on the floor every day. Eva is NOT happy about this plan.

So we've been through one month already. I'd say her most exciting accomplishement this month has been starting to smile.

Actually, I'd say her most impressive accomplishments this month also include being born, being healthy, learning to nurse and learning to see. But after all of those things, definitely smiling.

She already smiles at her brother more than anyone else. :)

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