Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He has a lot to say.

Recent conversations with Noah:

Scene: Driving home from day care, listening to WGBH
Rachel: Listen Noah, this is a bassoon. Saba plays the bassoon.
Noah: Saba plays 'soon?
..... [listens for a bit]....
Noah: Good job Saba!!

Scene: lunch at the dining room table
Noah: Where is Grammy?
Rachel: Grammy and Grammy Sue are downstairs. They will be back in a minute.
N: [thinks for a minute] They love me!

Scene: Playing with matchbox cars in Noah's room
Noah: [picks up car] Saba driving this car.
Rachel: ok
N: Saba in there. Nana NOT in there.
R: ok
N: [picks up cement mixer] Nana in the truck. Nana driving the truck
R: hahahahahahahah (sorry Nana, we totally believe you would be driving the cement mixer)

Scene: Noah picks up grammy's kindle, which has a screen saver of mark twain
Noah: That's Mr Noodle!

Scene: Eating dinner
Noah: Noah eat the boogers
Rachel: Please don't eat them. I'll get you a tissue and you can put them in there.
N: Noah eat the boogers. [claps hands over head] Yay! Booger Time!!
Rachel & Chad: [struggling mightily to keep a straight face] sigh.

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