Friday, February 25, 2011

more chats with the kids

Actually, some of Noah's funniest moments come when I'm really not contributing to the conversation at all...

Scene: coloring on an advertisement for Taylor Rental. Noah points to a floor sander
Rachel: Grammy knows how to use that one
Noah: Yeah. [Points to a party tent]
N: Grammy knows how to use this one
R: I guess so
N: yeah. That's a tent. [pause between each line]
That's a birthday house
Fork in there.
Candle in there
Happy birthday cake
Candles in there!!

Scene: Noah is looking at a picture of R&C in the rainforest in Puerto Rico
Noah: Mommy Daddy in the woods. [Pause b/t each line]
[points to creek] Water down there.
Birds drink it.
Mommy Daddy don't drink it!!

Eva is working on delivering her own stories, and just started cooing yesterday. It still clearly takes a lot of effort!

I expect her to be just as clever as her brother in no time at all.

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