Thursday, May 5, 2011

Away we went

The trip to Madison went really well. Noah loved the airport and the plane, as expected. The first 15 minutes of our flight he just exclaimed "we're on a plane!!!" over and over again. Super cute.

Chad borrowed and Ipad from work, and Noah was thrilled with his new headphones. He learned his way around the ipad astonishingly quickly, leaving me with a vague "kids these days.. " kind of old person feeling.

Eva had a bit of screaming on the plane that seriously concerned my seatmate, but for a baby her age I think she generally did great.

We had some lovely family time, including a brief wedding shower

And a seriously dessert-heavy baby shower

And a wonderful Seder at which Noah rocked the frog song, found the afikomen, and chowed down on his first bowl of Matzo ball soup.

All in all, a totally successful trip.

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  1. I LOVE the fact that two of the three pictures taken in Madison involve cake. We know how to party :o)