Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time Machine

Now that Eva is four months old I feel like I am having a lot of Deja Vu. For example, when she started sitting in the bumbo chair


I couldn't help but remember Noah as a baby in the bumbo.


And when Eva wears this onsie


I remember how funny Noah was in that onsie.


The "squish" toy from aunt Beth was one of Noah's favorites


And it is definitely a hit again this time around.

(Eva, who for the record is WAY better at chewing on this toy without poking herself in the eye)

The other day Chad and Noah matched almost exactly.

And while that hasn't happened with Eva yet (I don't see Chad in a lot of pink footie pajamas), it still brought me back...

What a delight to have babies in the age of iphoto. :)

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