Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation story part 5: Noah the swimmer

Noah and Eva have been taking swimming lessons at the JCC for several months now. Noah is particularly nervous in general, he will make a bit of progress and then decide he is scared and spend the entire lesson negotiating with the teacher and refusing to do anything. We recently switched him to a new teacher who seems to be much better with him, but apparently what we really should have done was just take him on vacation.

There was a zero entry pool (a "ramp pool" as Noah called it) that Noah and Eva loved. I think it was really fun for them to be able to walk out into the "deep" water and be able to just walk back up the ramp when they felt a little scared. Of course, they could always do this when we take them to a lake, but maybe the clear water made them feel more confident. At any rate, after about a day in the pool Noah was doing this:

(his record was a full 10 seconds under water)

Over the week, he gained more and more confidence until the last day we were there, when he started doing this:
Amazing!! I am hoping some of this will transfer to the pools we go to here (not zero entry, unfortunately). Or maybe we should just start digging one in the back yard...

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