Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anatomical Model

Noah and Eva are having combined birthday parties next weekend, where they will get the majority of their presents.  But Noah got to open one thing on his birthday - his present from us.  We got him a toy anatomical model with removable body parts.

He was a little bit excited.

 Oh boy here we go... 

The kit came with the required surgical tools for organ removal...

And all of the organs are super squishy and sticky for your preschool-gross-effect enjoyment

hello intestines... 

and liver... 

hello intestines... (says Eva)

The kit also came with some books about how the body parts fit together and a key for which organ is which (helpful for both kids and parents who never took anatomy).

now which one is the liver and which the diaphragm?

They love it, especially Noah. It is really awesome to see them enjoy it.  The only downside is it did not come with Magic School Bus shrinking capability, and therefore doesn't stop Noah's desperate requests to see the inside of a leg.

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