Friday, January 10, 2014


Noah turned 5 today.

He's such a great 5 year old boy. He loves silly noises and practices silly faces in the mirror and bounces around and sings and wrestles with his friends like little bear cubs and loves to play outside and loves to climb and build things and knock them down as violently as possible and then build them up again.  He asks so many questions.  SO many.  And while exhausting, a lot of them are pretty good questions.

He loves to play with Eva and they have a series of adventures every day.  He is strong and tough and kind and accommodating and empathetic to others, and somehow also very sensitive that he is being heard and easily hurt if he thinks he is not.   He is obsessed with the way the body works and how time works and where things are and knows more random animal facts than Chad and I put together.  He still does his little twitch whenever he is excited about something.  He can tell a knock-knock joke with pretty good delivery.

So yeah, he's a great 5 year old already.  Happy Birthday, my special boy.

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