Monday, October 12, 2015


Ok, so we've been back for a month and a half.  And it's been a crazy one, with no blog posts (sorry about that).  I'll try to catch up.

So.... Noah started first grade

And while he was nervous it wasn't going to be any fun because there weren't any toys in the classroom it is really going great so far.

Eva started another year of preschool

And she wasn't nervous at all and has been basically owning being back where she is comfortable.  Apparently last week they had to wait a few minutes while some visiting firemen got their presentation ready and Eva taught her entire class a dance (unprompted, apparently she just decided to do it and they all followed her).  

It's been great being home and re-discovering all of the things we enjoy doing here

arrgh, our pirate garb has also been rediscovered... 

And our backyard and our neighborhood and we are riding larger bikes now... 

And we had the smattering of fall Jewish Holidays, we had a lovely visit in Tully/Ithaca for Rosh Hashanah

And then came back and ate in our sukkah and the kids made some lulavim

shaking practice

So here we are in October and I haven't even told you about our vacation or about Noah losing another tooth.  Ah well, life goes on and it's difficult to both enjoy it and blog at the same time.

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