Thursday, September 20, 2007


Last night Chad and I met (and brought home) a new little friend - a 6 week old kitten named Entropy. I would like to take an aside here to mention that Chad is the best husband in the world for letting me name her Entropy thereby fulfilling my dream to have two cats, named Entropy and Maxwell's Deamon. Entropy, while shy, is a pretty good sport, letting us pick her up and purring when we hold her and pet her. She doesn't seem to be interested in getting away from us, so we can just sit with her and be relaxed.

She's so tiny! And has the biggest eyes ever!

Max is skeptical of this new arrival, even though we haven't really introduced them yet. When she's seen the kitten or (we imagine) smelled other cat in the air, she's done this wierd hissing thing. When the kitten's not around, she's totally normal (for Max). We're just going to give her some time to get used to the smell and then introduce them slowly.

You may be wondering, where is the kitten living if you haven't introduced them yet? On the advice of the cat lady we're keeping her in the bathroom for a few days until she gets used to the place. She has a pretty nice setup in there:

But where is the cat? Oh, wedged into the smallest possible space between the sink and the wall.

I guess this is normal. :) The difference between Entropy and Max is that if you reach into the hiding space to pick up the cat, Entropy doesn't seem to mind at all (while Max freaks out and digs her claws into anything she can get ahold of).

At any rate, we're happy to welcome another needy kitty into our home, and we're optimistic that eventually Entropy and Max will be friends. They've both had hard lives so we're just going to be patient in letting them get to know each other.

Oh and by the way we're totally calling the kitten "S" for short. Well the S doesn't actually stand for short, but you know what I mean. :)

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