Sunday, September 30, 2007

House Progress

Since we didn't go out of town this weekend we were able to make a little more house progress. Allow me to introduce you to our new living room.

Looks pretty sweet, huh? We now have a giant high def TV so Chad can see every detail of the world poker championships. Also lots of bookshelf and cabinet space. And having Entropy pose in front of the furniture highlights how big it is. Overall, I think we've been able to arrange the furniture in a way that we have plenty of seating without making things look too crowded.

We also re-arranged the dining room such that the table fits better and the space is more open.

We put the top of the hutch in the basement since we don't really need the display space anymore... but now we need some artwork for that wall behind the table.

So anyway, good progress this weekend. One more kitten picture for the road:

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