Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kitten Pictures!!

And other stuff. :) Entropy is doing great - we've had her out much more often, and she's relaxed enough to do a bit of playing with the string on a stick.

Max is still somewhat skeptical about the new kitten, but she's willing to be in the same room without hissing for an extended period of time now. She likes to keep a close eye on Entropy though....

Today we let Entropy explore the living room on her own a bit. She seemed to enjoy the opportunity, but we were reminded of just how small she is.

Also, you may be wondering, what was that brown thing Entropy was sitting on in earlier pictures? Our new sofa! We are finally the proud owners of a real (leather!) sofa, like grown-ups (instead of our previous couch, which was a futon, like college students). We even have a chair to match. Here Chad and Tammer enjoy the new living room.

I don't know why they're both in exactly the same position - maybe it's a thoughtbot thing.

I am also happy to announce that today we finally had a bbq and played bocce in our back yard. Which is perfect for all-terrain bocce, especially since we haven't mowed in a while and the leaves are starting to fall.

So thus far it's been an awesome weekend. Sorry for not so much posting lately, my life got really crazy this week. Hopefully it will be less crazy soon so I can sit at home, take pictures of the cats, and post them to the internet. :)

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  1. Oh man, your kitten looks almost as cute as mine! OK they're pretty comparable. I love kittens now. Congratulations on your new love!