Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor day at Eagle Falls

We spent this weekend at Camp No Class, Mom and Sue's awesome hideaway in the Adirondacks. This place is out there. Lots of trees, no phones, electricity, or for most of the year (more on that later), people. They've done an amazing job of renovating an old (~1900) logging camp, making it into a very comfortable place to stay (even for us city slickers).

The camp is located in Adirondack state park, which is just a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place.

I find the early morning especially nice.

In addition to a great visit, nice hiking, and fun bonfires, we were treated to some crazy kayaking. The company that owns the hydroelectric dam down the dirt road from their camp released a bunch of water on Sunday, attracting Kayakers from all over.

We watched for hours. Basically, we learned that these people are insane.

As best we could tell, the point of this sport is to bash yourself against a bunch of rocks.

In the most elegant way possible, of course. It was pretty fun to watch, but I think I'd rather kayak on somewhat milder water. I will say this for the crazy kayakers, though - they are very respectful of the river. They spent a lot of time looking at the rapids and discussing the best ways to get through them. They really seemed to be looking out for each other's safety. There were tons of them, parked all up and down the road, and afterwards we didn't see a single piece of garbage left behind. Yay kayakers. Sorry you're insane.

Overall, a great end-of-summer weekend (thanks mom and sue!!). More pictures of the camp and the kayaking can be found here.

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