Friday, October 19, 2007

Cat update

We'd like to welcome Max back to the couch. For the first few weeks we had Entropy, Max basically didn't come into the living room at all, except to hiss at the kitten. But when we came back from the wedding in Tully, things were different. The cats were chasing each other playfully (not touching, of course, but the chasing seems more mutual). They were very often in the same room. Max decided she wanted to be petted again. And is now she is willing to sit on a blanket that smells like Entropy if necessary.

Entropy is still doing well, very playful and cuddly. She purrs like a chainsaw. It's amazingly loud. Though I think my favorite thing that she does is chasing her tail. Seriously. She flicks it a few times and then goes after it. Bizarre.

The other day I was holding Entropy on the couch, and max jumped up, and I petted them both at the same time. No hissing. No break in the space-time continuum. They just sort of ignored each other (or rather, Entropy watched Max ignore her) and accepted some petting. If that's not progress I don't know what is.

Though I will say, when Entropy is with us on the couch, Max's preferred position still seems to be watching us from next to the TV. This way when she gets bored of us she can just turn around and watch the daily show (which she does sometimes).

At any rate, yay for continuous progress. I am still waiting for the day when I come home to find them both sitting on the chair, but for the time being I'll take the same room. :)

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