Monday, October 15, 2007

Debra and Nils, the weekend. Part two.

The actual wedding. Of course, being in said wedding I don't have many formal pictures (the above was taken by Monroe), but will try to describe the day using my behind the scenes shots and stealing wedding pictures from mom and Sue. :)

Having a wedding takes lots of primping. We had some expert hairstylists among us.

We wore fishnets at Debra's request. What a lovely group of girls!

Man, Marie is tall and the rest of us are short!

Oh wait.. maybe her shoes had something to do with it. Second only to Debra's white boots.

It was a beautiful wedding, and Debra was just stunning. Here she is posing in the light with her beautiful dress, and Ari, who made the beautiful dress.

And here's a shot to show both how awesome Debra looked and what a good photographer either Mom or Sue is.

The happy couple (also stolen from Mom and Sue's pictures) during the toasting. This wedding only one has a mowhawk.
Even though it was a one-mowhawk wedding, it was still lots of fun. Everyone got into the spirit. Nice hat, Grandma. :)

What a wonderful weekend. Congratulations to Debra and Nils again.
(and more pictures can be found here).

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