Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wedding Decoration Recycling

With all the time we've spent messing with our house, we've spent almost no effort on the bathrooms. Actually that's not entirely true - we spent considerable effort cleaning them and making sure everything was working when we first moved in. We just haven't done any decorating.

We still have a long way to go (they desperately need paint, for example), but at least the upstairs bathroom has some decoration now, inspired by the candles from Debra and Nils:

Of course our bathroom is so narrow it's basically impossible to take pictures, but whatever.

The new towel rack was far too wide for the room, but that's no problem for handyman Chad, who shortened, sanded and stained the cut end to match the rest over the course for about 1 hour. I was impressed.

Although the industrial chemist in me supposes he should be wearing safety glasses...

At any rate good bathroom progress this week. Now the upstairs one isn't quite as ugly. Don't worry, the downstairs one is still by far the ugliest room in the house. :)

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