Monday, October 22, 2007


We got our doors!! After several weeks of waiting, Ikea got more giant black closet doors, so now we can close our wardrobe. Our room looks way neater without any additional cleaning!

I would like to just take this moment to reiterate how great our wardrobe is. Look! All of my clothes! Hung neatly in our bedroom!

You may ask, is it really that important to have doors on the wardrobe? Couldn't you hang a curtain or something to get a neat look without the waiting? To answer, I will show you an example of our old armoire, which we're currently using to store blankets (mostly because we haven't gotten around to removing it from our house). Please notice that even though we've tried to tie the doors shut with a scarf, someone has pried them open and pulled several things off of the bottom shelf.

But who? And why?

Yes, sensing an opportunity to get cat hair on our things, Max broke into our armoire. The funniest thing is this is not the first time this has happened (for the record, I TOLD Chad we had to tie the scarf tighter). My favorite quote about Max (by Chad):

"She can open doors! She's like a velocaraptor!"

So needless to say, I am happy we have big, heavy doors on the wardrobe that I think will even keep Max out. She's taken to walking around in there and rubbing her tail on my black sweaters before settling down for a nice nap on the shelves. No more! Now she'll have to fight entropy for her chair back. She's taken to scaling the bookshelves to plan her attack (when she's not looking at the camera, she watches the kitten. Or the TV).

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