Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Atlanta 1

So we’ve arrived in Atlanta. And by the looks of our hotel, I mean ARRIVED.

After living in the city for 5 years I don’t really feel like a country bumpkin often, but I am not used to being places where I don’t touch my suitcase from the time I leave the cab until it’s set on a baggage rack in the room. And when we walked into our room (the guy took us up the elevator and opened all the doors for us, apparently when you have money you lose the ability to open a hotel door) not only was every light on, but the TV as well. With beautiful scenery and calming music.

We were starving when we got in, so we shooed super helpful hotel guy away and went out to dinner. Everyone in this hotel is almost unreasonably friendly. Perhaps I am a bitter northerner, but I find it a bit odd when we’re leaving the hotel and a cleaning lady sees and steps out of her way to say “we’re so glad to have you with us, have a lovely evening.” I’m certainly glad to be with her, but still.

When we returned, everything back on again. And there was ice and water, and chocolate. It’s great. Did I mention the beautiful bathroom?

Things that all hotels should have in the bathroom: Nail file, q-tips, cotton balls, woolite packets (for washing things in the sink, I would assume). Also please notice the requisite phone in bathroom. Which I honestly don’t understand. Who talks on the phone in the bathroom? Other than the weird lady who works in my building and often talks on her cellphone in Russian while in the stall in the bathroom. Awkward, but a story for another time.

But my favorite signals that we’ve arrived are my hotel slippers.

Honestly, not all that comfortable, but still fancy. And also in that picture please observe my hotel bathrobe. Which, according to the sign in the bathroom, I can purchase as a memento of my stay for $100 at the gift shop. In case you are wondering, This bathrobe is not worth $100. Apparently when you have money you also lose the ability to price a bathrobe. Perhaps you are just so relieved to have made it into the room with out the helpful hotel guy that you want the bathrobe out of gratitude. Whatever. As long as they keep bringing me chocolate in the evening.

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