Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring House Debate

The entire Spring House Technical Center (~950 people) got the following email from the site director:

to: Employees at the Spring House Site

As part of their exciting Pennsylvania primary campaign, we've just learned that Senators Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama will be visiting Spring House this afternoon for a townhall meeting in Emmons Auditorium. The meeting will start at 4:00 and should last about 1 hour. Seating will be on a first come basis so be sure to get their early if you want a seat. Sorry for the very short notice but we've had to keep this very quiet for security reasons. The Senators will be arriving by helicopter at 3:55 on the lawn in front of Building 6. Please keep clear of this area. The Secret Service will start clearing the geese from the site at 3:45 to insure that there is no interference with the helicopters. The TV crews should start arriving and setting up by 2:00. Please do not park in the parking spots by building 6. We need to keep these spaces open.

Thanks, I hope you can join us for this exciting and newsworthy event

Signed, the director of the site. I reacted to this with the following (in somewhere near this order):

- wow! That is so exciting!
- I wonder if Chad can come. He didn't say anything about guests.
- How early will I have to get there to get a seat? Can I get all my measurements done before then?
- Wait a second.... why would the secret service have to get rid of the geese and not our facilities people?
- Hillary and Barak in the same place and the same time, and that place is building 6? None of this makes any sense.

And then I remembered what day it was. And then I confirmed with some co-workers (not without some disappointment on my part) that our site director was messing with us. And went about my business, until we got the following email a few hours later.

to: Employees at the Spring House Site

Unfortunately the geese were too aggressive and it does not look like we can move them. Maybe next year on APRIL 1st we can invite the candidates back.

So at any rate, apparently the spring house geese are even scarier than I realized. In other news, Max and Entropy have learned how to ride a bicycle while singing the score from Les Miserables, and Chad has decided to sell his shares of Thoughtbot to Microsoft so he can take the cats on their European tour.

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