Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dr. Pytel, P.R.

P.R. = Public Relations, of course. I opened the Ambler Enterprise (our newspaper with an average length of 10 pages) to just skim through it for concerts or something interesting to do before I threw it in the recycling, and found this (click on the article to see it large enough to read).

I was totally surprised. Well, shocked to see my name in a headline but really not surprised after I did, since our director of communications asked me a bunch of questions before I went. My immediate reaction was to be really embarrassed, but then I tried to remember Mom's advice about dealing with the fishy-handed reporter at the Free Press: smile and be gracious. Smile and be gracious. And this isn't that embarrassing after all, since half of the article is the R&H standard press blurb. At any rate take a look, I'm famous.


  1. what fun - so glad you can keep doing that - how was the ice cream?

  2. Soggy (it doesn't quite freeze as much as you might hope with the salty water) but still delicious.

    Incidentally, the ice cream mix we used is also excellent coffee creamer. :)