Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bye Bye London

So it's hard to believe, but we've left.

goodbye, big red door

Now on to vacation in Copenhagen and Sweden to visit Auntie D, I'll post about all that stuff once we get back.  

We had a great time in London, it was just wonderful to get to experience the city for the summer.  Some thoughts about our favorite things: 

Eva: seeing Matilda, playing in the playhouse, splash park & sand playgrounds
Noah: London Transport Museum, pirate ship playground, the tube & double-decker busses, Matilda
Rachel: riding around the city in double-decker busses, Tate Modern, soya flat whites, the pubs
Chad: Scotland and the seabird center, pubs, visiting castles & generally exploring the city

It was a great family adventure!  Now vacation, putting off regular real life for another week!!

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