Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tate Modern

I've spent some time this week at Tate Modern, which is actually fantastic to visit right when it opens.  It's pretty quiet, there is lots of cool stuff to see, and then when I get tired I can get a coffee and work on my laptop in the cafe and before I know it the place is full and I am ready to go home.

At any rate, mom and Sue took the kids to visit and apparently Eva refused to spend any time looking at art.  They still had a great time, though.  They got to pet some police horses... 

And play with the museum's electronic drawing pads

Look!  Noah's artwork is displayed in the Tate!!

Eva too!! I'm so proud.

And then, the big highlight for the kids, getting to have their picture taken with a floating Yoda.

(seriously, this was their favorite part, they are still talking about it)

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