Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Shabbos

Noah and I made challah today for Shabbat. Noah did a good job of kneeding (smacking?) the dough.

Though he wasn't as excited about playing with the dough as I had expected - he was kind of wierded out by getting flour on his hands.

Which surprised me, as he spent most of yesterday morning in a sandbox, and when he's extra hungry in the mornings he has no qualms about eating his oatmeal with his hands. But whatever, I don't understand why some days he hates yogurt and other days he loves it either. No matter, the challahs looked great.

(Noah's is the one on the left)

And it was a nice thing to have for shabbat.

(Noah can simultaneously enjoy his challah and warn Chad that the candles are hot)

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