Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We're doing pretty well so far. This morning Noah and I took the train downtown with Chad and walked around the commons. Apparently it is Boston Marine week, so there were a bunch of Marines and their helicopters hanging out on the grass for people to see. Noah could care less about helicopters, because they are not trucks. Luckily, a nice Marine let him try out his Jeep.

The truck obsession is pretty crazy. We were walking among these giant helicopters and Noah was going crazy for the park utility truck. Oh well.

We continue to enjoy our new place. Noah loves to hang out on the small deck off of the kitchen. When he decides it's time to go out he'll point furiously out the door and call "uhdye! uhdye!" Then we go out.

As for the unpacking, well, it continues. Noah is helping.

But the most exciting news of the day is unpictured, and I share it here both because I am very proud and because we rely on the blog for baby archival purposes. Noah used the potty for the first time today! And then proceeded to use it three more times over the course of the afternoon. I am so impressed. All morning he was calling anything he sat on (his stepstool, the stair, the bottom of the slide at the playground) the potty (or rather, "pahee!" "pahee!"). So during his nap I got out the hand-me-down baby toilet chair, cleaned it up, and we were ready to go. Literally, I guess.

We aren't going to start real toilet training right away - his diapers are still wet in between trips to the toilet so I don't think he's ready. But as far as I am concerned he is welcome to practice as much as he wants in the meantime.

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