Friday, May 7, 2010

Some thoughts about where we are now:

Our house is awesome. I am writing this blog post while Noah plays in his new playroom.

Pretty sweet, huh?

This playroom is also our guest bedroom - aren't you excited to come visit?? Our house has some modern conveniences that we are still getting used to (note to self: no peach pits in the garbage disposal) but overall it is working out very well.

We live in the CITY now. We are on the subway, not the commuter rail. There are playgrounds all over the place but almost no one has a swingset in their yard. The other day, Noah and I went to the Trader Joe's in Brookline because it has a parking lot. The lot is tiny and totally packed with tiny cars, not SUVs. Also a ton of bikes. We used to go to this store all the time years ago when we lived in Cleveland Circle, since it's right on the green line. I guess I had forgotten how aggressive one has to be to shop there. Don't worry, it's coming back.

(That's Noah on the Mission Hill Playground. Nice view, huh?)

Noah is really talking a lot. He can say several actual words (doggie, kittie, mommy, daddy, more, yes, pea, etc), and several words that sound a lot like english words (biee = birdie, paay = plane, ahduh = all done, buh = book, pahee = potty, bi = bike, poo = spoon, etc.). He also has several words that are self-consistent and usually accompanied by frantic pointing so it is pretty clear what he's talking about, but they don't sound anything like the english (duhduh = truck, bohboh = ball, etc). He definitely expects us to understand him, even if we don't have a clue. My favorite is when we are driving downtown and all of a sudden he is frantically shouting "bye!" "byeeeeee!" bieEEEEE!!!" and I'm totally confused until the guy on a bicycle shoots past us.

"Dihee!!!" "Dihee!!!" (light! light!)

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