Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This past weekend we headed to WPI so I could catch up with some teammates and get a medal.

The dinner was very nice and people said very nice things about me, which was certainly a treat. But my favorite part of the evening (other than watching Beth Gilbert make faces at me) was sitting at the Boynton and laughing so hard that, well, let's just say I am happy I have been doing a good job with the kegals this time around. My teammates are a trip and it was awesome to see them.

We then stuck around for homecoming, and introduced Noah to WPI by letting him hug the goat and buying him a Tshirt with equations on it.

We went to a bit of the football game (Noah's opinion of football: eh. Noah's opinion of the pep band: DRUMS!!! DRUMS!!! NOAH DRUM!!) and walked around in the nice fall weather and generally got sentimental about how much we both really liked WPI. It is a place that just has a good attitude.

Note to Bonnie - we didn't find our bricks. Apparently they have moved them due to all the construction. Either that or we were totally swindled. We'll have to make it back in another 5 years or so to double-check.

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