Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Situation

So the weather here has been crazy. 75 degrees and sunny yesterday. It is very weird to go walking outside and see the beautiful foliage and feel kind of hot and sticky. But that's not the real problem. The real problem is our "big pumpkin" totally disintegrated. By Wednesday. It took a total of three days for it to become totally moldy, collapsed, and dripping.

** picture omitted due to exceptional grossness **

This was quite shocking and heartbreaking to Noah. "pumpkin broken!! Big Pumpkin Broken!!! Fix it? Fix it!?"

Unfortunately, there was no fixing it, so we threw it away. Noah seemed to accept this. "Pumpkin trash."

But then about 5 minutes later he was back to pointing to where the pumpkin had been and saying "pumpkin broken!" Then we discussed how we couldn't fix it so it went into the trash (not a lesson I am thrilled about repeating, btw). Over and over and over and over until we all went to the store after dinner and bought a new pumpkin. "New Pumpkin! New Pumpkin!"

** picture omitted due to mommy never thinking to take a picture **

That was Wednesday. He has been repeating this story on average every two hours since then. He'll point to where the original pumpkin was, then "pumpkin broken!" Then some variation of how it went in the trash, then we'll point out the new pumpkin and talk about that for a while.

The child is clearly obsessed.

Also clearly I am teaching him that when things break we throw them away and then buy new things. I am not very comfortable with this being the take-away from Halloween 2010. Could someone please bring out some candy to teach him the real meaning of Halloween?

My favorite part of this conversation was yesterday afternoon I was trying to explain that we will carve the new pumpkin on Halloween ("ween!" "ween!") and he was listening with that expression that makes me think he is trying to pay attention but has no idea what I am talking about. Then he said:

"shabbat candle in there?"

Then my head exploded because he is way more cognizant than I give him credit for.

Updates to follow once some pictures are actually obtained.

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