Monday, October 18, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

So this happened on Friday, leading to what I think is Noah's funniest video yet:

Scene: dinner, the Shabbat candles are lit and on the table
Noah: Candles!
Rachel: yes, those candles are for Shabbat.
Noah: Shabbat
Rachel: Yes! Can you say "Shabbat Shalom?"
Noah: Shabbat Saoh. [pause] HEY! [big grin]

If you have ever been to Hebrew school or a childrens' Shabbat service, you know at that point we had to start singing. Maybe by the third time around we had stopped laughing enough to get the camera.

He's started singing "bim bahm, bim bahm" to himself a few times since then. Clearly this is our new favorite song.

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  1. The giant pause near the end where he forgot what he was supposed to be saying is my favorite part :o)