Thursday, October 7, 2010

talking to Elmo

Today's video is a prime example of my getting to the scene with the camera too late, after the cutest stuff has already happened.

Yesterday Noah asked for Elmo to sit on the chair in his room, and then proceeded to read to him and point out pictures (e.g. saying "Elmo, Seeba!!" while looking at Elmo to be sure he was paying attention, then pointing to a picture of a Zebra). It was heartbreakingly adorable. As soon as I turned the camera on he started talking to me instead and the moment was lost. He's done that a few more times since then, today I managed to catch the very tail end.

At any rate, here you go. It feels a bit like he's performing for me or the camera. Someday I will capture him pretending when he doesn't know I am there, and you will see awesome things like him scolding Elmo for biting the table (Elmo fell over so his mouth was over the edge of the table). "No! Elmo Table! No!"

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