Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big girl

So Eva went to the doctor for her four month appointment, and was declared practically perfect in every way. Her stats were:

height: 26in (95%ile)
weight: 14lbs 6.5oz (64%ile)
head: 41.2cm (54%ile)

This is excellent news for her potential to be a volleyball player and get to play with baby Provan on Aunt Sarah's future team.

After we got the go-ahead, we decided to stop torturing Eva by eating in front of her and start feeding her solids. We went with sweet potato for a first shot.

She was very excited, until she actually tasted the sweet potato. Then she was notably more skeptical.

Faces aside, she didn't push the food out with her tongue, and really seemed more confused by the taste than put off by it. She kept opening her mouth and grabbing the spoon for more and probably ate a solid teaspoonful.

She was also clearly proud of herself afterwards.

Since then we've done rice cereal with breastmilk, which we cannot feed her fast enough to keep her from squawking her complaints. We've also tried peas, which has not gotten quite the same reaction. Next up - banana! Go Eva!!

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