Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speaking with Noah ctd.

We went to the zoo yesterday and Noah got to talk to some ducks.

They were just chilling on the top of the display, which cracked him up.

We went to the zoo because Noah asked to go shortly after getting up in the morning. I think we have entered a new phase where he can actually dictate what we do in a day, which is really neat. Unfortunately it is raining today and he keeps asking if we can go to the park, which may prove to be disappointing.

Speaking of speaking with Noah, there are a few more toddler speech mistakes that I want to share for baby archival purposes:

"Muskak" = music
"Upsing down" = upside down
"fweep" = sleep
"fwimming" = swimming
"misconsin" = Wisconsin, also the destination of any plane he sees in the sky

Also he has a new favorite joke that he has been telling for days:

N: Knock Knock!
R: who's there?
N: Mommy!
R: Mommy who?
N: Mommy you!! HAHAHAH!!
R: sigh.

Two is a fun age. He really cracks me up, when he's not driving me up a wall. And sometimes he does both at the same time.

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