Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Noah language update

He's a total lunatic, the proper preschool kind.

He speaks with increasingly more complex sentences, and can be understood by most people most of the time. He can't really say the letter l or r, so "white," "light" and "right" all sound basically the same. His grammar is pretty good for a 2.5 year old, and he uses most pronouns correctly. He still has a bit of confusion about when to use "he" and when to use "she," though. He also confuses the words "numbers" and "letters," often informing us "look at the numbers there!" when he sees text. Also a special treat we get sometimes is letter of the day cookies, which he insists on calling "number cookies."

He makes a couple of consistent errors that I refuse to correct because they are so adorable. (I don't encourage them, I am just willing to wait for him to correct them on his own).

"Give it for" as in yelling "I have to give it for grammy!" as he flees the room with the iphone

"Taking for a run" as in "I am taking for a run" as he tears around the house.

"I'm am!" as in "I'm am waiting" when we tell him to wait.

"this is" as in "who's paper clip this is?" He usually knows the answer to the question, e.g. "who's shoes these are?" (Daddy's) or "who's toy this is?" (Eva), but it can be interesting when he asks things like "Who's squirrel that is?" Nobody's? God's? Our neighbors? The squirrel is his own squirrel?

He also is singing a lot, and has recently started using nonsense sounds in songs he invents. The past few nights he has been entertaining us with song and dance after dinner...

(this example is cut short because Eva was crying in her crib and he thought he could help)

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