Thursday, June 2, 2011

Water babies

So all of a sudden it is summer and hot and Noah wants to play in the water. So I dug out the classics from last year.

Of course this time around he is a bit more agile and it didn't take long before there was water everywhere and Noah was in the middle of it, so to speak.

Eva, confined to the Exersaucer, was totally jealous.

Maaaaan! Noah gets to have all the fun.

Since we have a nice big yard now, I think it's time we upgraded to the kiddie pool. Noah totally agrees.

Eva, confined to Daddy's arms, is jealous.

Seriously!?!? This is happening again!?

Even though the water was freezing (we'd just filled it up from the hose a few hours earlier) we decided to give the kid a break and dip her feet in.

She didn't complain, and instead stared wistfully at the water. So we gave in an sat her down, so she could have a better view of Noah dumping water on his head.

They had an awesome time in there together.

I guess we'll be spending a lot of time wet this summer.

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