Friday, July 3, 2015

London House

Would you like a tour of our house in London?  Here is out street: 

And here's our front door

Upon entering, you start to see the vertical nature of the house and also that we might need a new shoe system... 

On this floor there is a formal living room

With a piano!!  Of course we didn't bring any of Noah's piano music, assuming there would be no way we'd end up with a piano.  I'll pick up the music when I am back in Boston for work in a few weeks.

Up 1/2 flight of stairs there is a bathroom

Up some more stairs to the bedrooms... 

kids bedroom with bunk beds and our kids mess already all over the floor

And also the master bedroom with big windows over the street.  There is no air conditioning so we usually have the windows open, so we can hear the street pretty well.  It's a relatively quiet street, the street noise actually reminds me of our apartment on Florence street in Somerville, just the people talking on the street have British accents.

Now up another set of stairs

To an office

And another bedroom

The view from the third floor is pretty spectacular (and also pretty London-y)

Ok let's head aaaaaall they way down the stairs (three flights)

To the kitchen (plus laundry!)

And the family room with a glass wall that opens up to the back patio.  Also this room is stocked with preschool toys (hooray!!).

In the back garden there is a little playhouse full of plastic & wooden food and cooking utensils

I think the kids are starting to feel reasonably well at home. :)

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