Sunday, July 5, 2015


So it has been brought to my attention that I just jumped into this London business without bothering to explain... we are staying in London for the summer so Chad can work on the new London Thoughtbot office.  I am doing my regular job remotely,  and Mom and Sue are here to take the kids to as many free museums as possible (and in London, most of the museums are free!).

The opportunity is really awesome and a little intimidating but mostly super exciting.  We'll see how it goes once I actually start working tomorrow.

Today we went to see the musical Matilda.  Chad received tickets as a gift for his 12 year anniversary at Thoughtbot (thanks Thoughtbot!).

Everyone was very excited

The set was awesome

And the show was really amazing.  Especially the troupe of kids, who were spectacular.  Crazy staging and dancing and at the end there were scooters.  I am still fired up about it a few hours later.

Then we went and ate some amazing Italian food, and did a bit of window shopping on the way back to the bus.  Noah and Eva picked out their favorite skulls in honor of their Auntie D.

Also, silliness.

(Seriously, the show was really fantastic.  I highly recommend if you have a chance to see it.  It was border-line too scary for kids Eva's age, it helps if you have already read the book).

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