Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventures in the treetops

Noah and I met up with his friend Eliza and her mommy at the Morris Arboretum the other day. It was a beautiful day and the arboretum is just starting to bloom. However, by far the favorite activity for the toddlers was running around the Out on a Limb exhibit. This exhibit has some platforms and mesh climbing areas way up in the trees.

Which, it turns out, are WAY fun to run around.

and around

and around

and around. You get the idea.

On the other end of the platform, there was a giant robin's nest. This was interesting enough to stop the running for about 5 minutes.

Overall, a great day. After dinner, we took a walk with Noah's bike to get some ice cream. After Nana's talk with him last week, it seems Noah has reconsidered his position on ice cream.


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