Monday, April 12, 2010

New space

Welcome to our new blog, Entropy Lives Here. You may notice this is exactly the same as our old blog, we just moved it to a web address not tied to our actual address. Since we're moving. To Boston. In about two weeks. Holy crap.

We started the blog in order to show you all the progress we were making on our first house. And then the home improvement projects slowed down and the blog was mostly about our cats. And then we had a baby, so why would we ever talk about anything else?

So who knows what the future will bring for our blog. Chances are, more stuff about Noah. With periodic comments about the cats. Let's be honest, I am just not all that creative. Also, I believe in giving the audience what they want.

So here's what you wanted, probably more than a long-winded story about blog-moving: a video of Noah. We went to the playground today.

His favorite phrase is totally "wheeeeeee! wheeeee!"

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