Friday, April 30, 2010

Step 7: OMG TRUCKS!!!

Moving in is high excitement for the truck-obsessed among us.

even the playground helps

Things Noah has done on the playground today:
1. In above picture: spin the wheel and yell "woah" a bunch of times
2. Make friends with a couple of guys with motorcycles
3. Step on and off the curb yelling "wheeee" a bunch of times
4. Use a wood chip as a phone, yelling "hello!" and "mine!" into it over and over
5. GO DOWN THE SLIDE ALL BY HIMSELF. Seriously. From going up the stairs to standing up at the end I was not involved. Once he got to the bottom he just smirked, said "wheee" and ran off. My god, he's so old.
6. Chatter to himself constantly. He is old and funny.
-- posted from the phone

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