Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mommy and Daddy went to Florida and all I got was this T-shirt.

It's true. Can you believe it? We dealt with the unbelievable craziness that was the past few weeks by dropping Noah off with Grammy and getting the heck out of town.

On the way to Grammy's house, it was too beautiful for rest stops, so we stopped at a state park. Noah got a kick out of walking with Daddy by the water.

Then once we got to Grammy's house we went down to the lake to watch the waves. Noah loved this. He kept saying "wow" "wow" as the waves broke.

Also, for those of you not from the finger lakes, let me just mention that by "waves" I mean 8 inch swells. This is pretty rough seas for us. Anyway, on to the playground. Who wouldn't want to stay with these crazy kids for a few days while your parents are out of town?

Also, there are music lessons.

Thank you very much to Mom and the Iphone, which kept us supplied with videos of Noah while we were away. :)

We had a lovely time in Orlando. Because we are crazy, we decided to squander one of our precious few sleeping in days to get up early to watch the space shuttle launch. Of course, we didn't bring a camera, so you'll have to make do with Iphone photos. Not bad, huh?

The shuttle trail looked awesome as the sun rose.

We spent one day at Universal Islands of Adventure. That was a trip.

And a few more days laying around by the pool. It was great. And then it was time to head back home, so Noah could investigate the stuff all over his playground.

Oh wow. We were gone for less than a week and there are no blooms left on our tree.

Apparently Spring is ending here in the tropics. Sorry Sarah!

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